Wednesday, 19 September 2007

A Pledge to Our Clients

# We Seek to Understand the Big Picture

We seek to give value to our clients. We ask questions and do lots of listening. We seek to understand how the matter you are asking us to handle fits into the big picture. Where relevant, we will seek to understand the dynamics and trends of the industry in which you compete or the context in which you operate. We come to the client for consultation or in our own office, as preferred.

# We Seek to Establish our Client’s Expectations and Then Exceed Them

We walk our client through how we propose to handle the matter and what he/she can expect in terms of results and timelines. We create a reasonable set of expectations and do our best to beat them. If we are unable to meet our commitments, or the results are not likely to be what we anticipated, we share that information with our client immediately.

# We Seek Always to Follow Through on our Commitments

We set reasonable deadlines and do our best to stick to them.

# We Return Telephone Calls as Promptly as Possible

Our policy is to return all calls as soon as possible but on the same day as received, at the latest.

# We Will Communicate with You in the Manner You Prefer

We will ask you the method and frequency of communication you prefer and deliver our updates and progress reports accordingly.

# We will not “Over-lawyer”

We will not research issues to death and uncover every old case and precedent to make sure we are 100% right, thereby raising your bill unnecessarily. We will do what’s right for you.

# We Strive Not to Send Surprise Invoices

We discuss estimated fees and costs up front with you. We try to give you an estimate of our fee and discuss any unforeseen developments that may arise. We talk through the options and seek your direction on how you want to handle them.

# We Appreciate Your Business

We realise that there is more to practising law than providing quality legal work. We want to provide great service, too. We strive to practise these golden rules consistently, so as to end up with loyal, long-term clients and an enjoyable and gratifying legal practice.

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